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„000000“ is the colour code for black in the web

Black is the colour of oil.
Black are the trails of smoke over the gulf.
Black is the future of the UN and the law of nations.
Black is the colour of mourning.

The Internet stands for international networking, free access to information, mutual respect and observing commonly accepted rules.

The war of the USA and its allies in Iraq is quite the reverse of this ideas.
Such ideals are at risk now. Other politics are possible.

Because of that we blacken the Internet.

On this Site we put up a list with links to homepages, which have been shaded, blackened or changed in other ways to express protest.

Designers, Programmers, Administrators, Journalists,Writers and as well Organisations, Business and Individuals – in a word: everybody who owns, maintains or designs a site is welcome on this list.

Just send a mail with some information about the URL, the owner or webmaster and your town to 6x0@ideia.de.

The objective of this campaign is to offer a platform forindividual protests in the web. To support the campaign put its buttons and banners on your website as a sign of our common protest.
Please send the URL to everybody you know!




—> Future World Funk | anti-war songs list, Music-, Media- & Political News

—> Centre of Political Song Glasgow Caledonian University | anti-war songs list

—> onegoodmove.org anti-war songs list

—> www.tag-x.de | termine und links zu antikriegs-aktionen

—> "We Stand for Peace & Justice"
Internationales Statement, ca. 62.000 Unterzeichner
Please join Ezequiel Adamovsky, Vittorio Agnoletto, Michael Albert, Tariq Ali, Patrick Bond, Leslie Cagan, Noam Chomsky, Bill Fletcher, Eduardo Galeano, Susan George, Marta Harnecker, Boris Kagarlitsky, Subcomandante Marcos, George Monbiot, Suren Moodlar, Hector Mondragon, Tanya Reinhart, Carola Reintjes, Arundhati Roy, Lydia Sargent, Howard Zinn, and many more in signing the following statement

-> www.gymmedia.de | Friedensappell deutscher Sportler
(2379 Unterschriften am 06. 04. 2003)
(in der linken Spalte auf den Link "Friedensappell" klicken!)

—> www.journalismus.com | 265 "schwarze seiten" von journalisten

—> www.alternative-pioneers.de | protestliste

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„NOT IN MY NAME!”-The Video (Webmix)
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Urgent statement and appeal by Medical Aid for the Third World